Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SPACING ONE’S THOUGHTS (provisional title)

Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam – 12-23 November 2010 (tbc)

Spacing one’s thoughts is a series of events organised as part of a collaboration between Yael Davids and Vanessa Desclaux. The point of departure for this project is common interest in questions of the articulation of language, speech and voice in the production of subjectivity and political agency.

The project is grounded in two projects: Learning to Imitate, an ongoing performance project by Yael Davids, and A Stuttering Exhibition, an exhibition in the form of a lecture by Vanessa Desclaux. This new series of events will take place over a period of 10 days at Galerie Akinci and will present these two projects alongside others by artists, writers, theorists and curators invited by Davids and Desclaux. Guest participants will be asked to reconfigure the space of the gallery for the specific purpose of their presentations.

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